Pastene, Community of Sant'Angelo a Cupolo,
Province of Benevento, Region of Campania, Italia

All photographs were taken in April 2005.

Pastene is a small village in the town of Sant'Angelo a Cupolo, just south of the city of Benevento. The Sarracino and Saviano branches of my family tree once lived here.

The Saviano family lived in Avellino, the province south of Benevento, before coming to Pastene, but when my ancestors emigrated to the USA, they listed Sant'Angelo a Cupolo as their hometown.

A small church of San Giuseppe (St. Joseph).

Alberico Villanacci a San Giuseppe

Detail of entrance to the church.
My friend Fabio Paolucci tells me that "Alberico Villanacci a San Giuseppe" means that the construction of this church was a gift to St. Joseph from a man named Alberico Villanacci.


Church in Piazza San Giuseppe, Pastene.

Church of Saint Joseph

Detail of plaque on church.
The rough translation is:
To remember the glory of the esteemed soldiers of Pastene who sacrificed their lives for their native land in war.
[the names of the fallen soldiers]
The town posted this recognition of the anniversary of the victory on Nov. 4, 1924.


House across the street from the church.

Pastene House

Driving out of Pastene.
We took this photograph to show the crossed-out town name that means you are leaving a town, but high on the hill, we captured an image of the Convento dei Liguorini. The convent was built in 1775 in Sant'Angelo a Cupolo. It is now a rest home for the aged.

But just as we were about to leave town, we spotted the cemetery.

Leaving Pastene

Famiglia Sarracino Carmine
("Family of Carmine Sarracino")
This may be my grandmother's brother who died as a baby in 1898 or 1899, or else he is my first cousin twice removed; the son of Domenico Sarracino shown below. The dark, teardrop-shaped items on either side are keyholes. At the bottom is what may be a candleholder - possibly electric. On the ledge below the marker are a stone and another lock from somewhere else.

Famiglia Sarracino Carmine

Carmine Sarracino, Fu Francesco E Famiglia
("son of Francesco and Family")
To the left of the marker above is a marker for another Carmine Sarracino—possibly a third Carmine. My uncle was the son of Giovanni, while this Carmine was the son of Francesco.

Carmine Sarracino Fu Francesco E Famiglia

Detail of photograph beside Carmine Sarracino
I thought this was a woman because the hair appears to be pulled back. Could it be a man? Could it be Carmine Sarracino? Does this photograph belong at this site—it appears to be broken off from somewhere?

Detail of photo beside Carmine Sarracino

Domenico Sarracino, Per Se E Famiglia, 1923
("For Him and His Family")
To the right of the two Carmine Sarracino markers is this marker for Domenico Sarracino, my great grand uncle. The young man in the photo is Luigi DeCristofaro, a son-in-law of Vincenzo Sarracino (a son of Domenico whose grave is also on this page), and the woman is Maria Amalia, Vincenzo's wife.

Domenico Sarracino

Detail of photographs on Domenico Sarracino marker

Domenico Sarracino

Famiglia Muollo Giovanni, A.D. 1969
("Family of Giovanni Muollo")
While facing the Sarracino markers above, turn around to find the Muollo crypt. The grandmother of the baby Carmine Sarracino was named Luisa Muollo.

Muollo Family Crypt

Famiglia Muollo Giovanni, A.D. 1969
("Family of Giovanni Muollo")
It was the sight of the Muollo name, peeking above the outer wall, that helped me identify this as the Pastene cemetery.

Muollo Family Crypt

Geom. Martino Muollo, Nov. 19, 1937—June 28, 1968 E Famiglia
The back wall of the crypt contains a marker for Geom. Muollo Martino who died the year before the crypt's exterior date. I am told that "Geom." is his title, something similar to a surveyor—perhaps a civil engineer. I believe Giovanni Muollo paid for this crypt after the death of his son Martino.

Geom. Martino Muollo

Geom. Martino Muollo, born Nov. 19, 1937—died June 28, 1968
Martino Muollo's body is interred on the left wall of the crypt, presumably between his parents, Antonia Melillo above and Giovanni Muollo below. The N and M stand for the Italian words for Born and Died.

Geom. Martino Muollo

Detail of photograph of Martino Muollo.

Geom. Martino Muollo

Antonia Melillo, July 8, 1900—Dec. 15, 1988

Antonia Melillo

Detail of photograph of Antonia Melillo.

Antonia Melillo, detail

Giovanni Muollo, July 10, 1900—Oct. 26, 1974
His birthdate is preceded by an A for Alpha, while his death date is preceded by the Omega sign.

Giovanni Muollo

Detail of photograph of Giovanni Muollo.

Other Muollo family relatives are found outside the crypt.

Giovanni Muollo

Michele Muollo, May 7, 191—Jan. 10, 2002
The inscription appears to read, "S'e levato davanti agli occhi del Signore come un fragile alberello," or something to the effect of, "He is risen before the eyes of the Lord as a fragile little tree."

Michele Muollo

Giuseppa Muollo, Feb. 8, 1936—May 20, 1999
The inscription is hard to read, but it does include, "é state facile, dimenticarti impossible," or something to the effect of, "It's been easy to [love] you, impossible to forget you."

Giuseppa Muollo

Maria Sarracino, ved ("widow") Bosco, born May 22, 1898—died Feb. 20, 1982

Maria Sarracino

Famiglie Bosco E Sarracino
("Bosco and Sarracino Families")
Further evidence of the union of the Sarracino and Bosco families.

Bosco and Sarracino

Detail of photograph of Maria Sarracino.

Maria Sarracino

Giuseppe Tipaldi, Jan. 21, 1913—July 20, 2002
Caterina Sarracino, Nov. 14, 1912—Nov. 21, 1991

Caterina Sarracino

Detail of photograph of Caterina Sarracino.

Caterina Sarracino

Vincenzo Sarracino, Aug. 29, 1902—Dec. 12, 1987

This is a grave that we photographed simply because I figured Vincenzo Sarracino must somehow be related to me. I thought maybe he would be my grandmother's first cousin because of his age. It turns out I was exactly right! He is my first cousin twice removed, and he looks very much like his brother Giuseppe, who came to America and settled in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.

Vincenzo Sarracino

Detail of Vincenzo Sarracino marker.

Vincenzo Sarracino

Detail of photograph of Vincenzo Sarracino.

Vincenzo Sarracino

Famiglia Saviano Raffaele
("Raffaele Saviano Family") While I do not have the details, I know that this Saviano family is directly related to me.

Raffaele Sarracino