We would be thrilled to hear from anyone who may be related to the Ohama, Hirokawa, Tanaka, Aoyama or Nishimoto families.

Note: These files do not include living relatives. Any family members who would like the entire tree must contact me.

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Japanese Family Tree

(See also Italian Family Tree.)

Ohama, Hatsuzo

Download the Acrobat file This is my husband's great great grandfather. The tree also includes the Tanaka and Aoyama families. (Updated 2 Apr 2012)

Hirokawa, Kyuzo

Download the Acrobat file I have a document listing Kyuzo Hirokawa's parents as Genyemon Daimon and Osome Uchiyama (my husband's great great great grandparents), but I must explore why his father was not named Hirokawa. Also includes the Nishimoto family. (Updated 2 Apr 2012)